We can design a dwelling/project that makes the best use of the site, taking into account the development objective, location and budget. Site specific designs are our specialty!

All of our designs are based on the principles of orientation, livability, innovation, longevity, function and sustainability.

Design of homes, units, townhouses, apartments, warehouse offices and extensions.

Our Design Principles: Orientation, livability, innovation, longevity, function, sustainable.

Our Vision: To assess every development to achieve the best possible outcome for the client in both Design and Financial return

Planning: Dwellings, unit developments, apartments, warehouses, offices extensions. Planning documentations, correspondence with local councils. Planning process, vegetation assessments, landscape plans, BMO assessments.

• Design of developments
• Planning of developments
• Organising of services and consultants. Authorities.

Working Drawings and Documentations
Engineering, soil tests, energy ratings and local council requirements. We do the working drawings, then organise all the documentation required for your building permit.